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Brocc Bonds 2 AB (publ) – Notice of written procedure

13 July 2023

ISIN SE0011415207 – Brocc Bonds 2 AB (publ), reg no 559045-6900 (the “Issuer”) up to SEK 150,000,000 Senior secured bonds (the “Bonds”) with First Issue Date 17 August 2018

Intertrust (Sweden) AB, Swedish Reg. No 556625-5476 (the “Trustee”) is appointed as Trustee for the Bonds under the Terms and Conditions. In its capacity as Trustee, and as requested by the Issuer, the Trustee hereby initiates the Bondholders to a Written Procedure, for the purpose of considering and, if thought fit, approving resolutions pursuant to which (i) the Terms and Conditions of the Bonds will be amended as set out below and in Schedule 3 hereto and (ii) an approval and authorisation will be issued for the Board of Directors of the Issuer to vote for an extra amortisation in the upcoming bondholders’ meeting for the Debt Instruments with ISIN SE0009997125 issued by Brocc Bonds 1 AB, reg. no. 559108-3711 (the “Debt Investment”) and for amendment of the terms and conditions for the Debt Investment associated therewith in order to allow such, as well as future extra amortisations, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Terms and Conditions.

Record Date (for voting): 17th July 2023
Last time and day to vote: 12.00 (CEST) on 8th August 2023

Notice of Written Procedure Brocc Bonds 2 AB

Brocc Bonds 2 AB – Proposed Amended TC

Best regards,

Intertrust (Sweden) AB as trustee


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