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Change of write down registration date of notes issued by Mobylife Holding A/S

10 January 2017

Intertrust (Sweden) AB, acting in its capacity as agent for the holders of the notes issued by Mobylife Holding A/S (the “Issuer”) with ISIN SE0005936382 (the “Notes”), under the terms and conditions of the Notes, initiated on 1 December 2016 a second written procedure where the noteholders could approve or reject a request made by the Issuer. By way of the written procedure the noteholders accepted the request in full and therefore resolved to amend and restate the terms and conditions as well as provide the requested consent and waivers.

The effectiveness of the request was announced on 30 December 2016 with information that the agreed write down of the notes will be formally registered in Euroclear’s system on 12 January 2017. Due to some technical difficulties and Euroclear’s handling period for registering write downs, the write down date has been confirmed to the 23 January 2017 with record date on 16 January 2017. Please see press release from the company here.

The Agent:
Intertrust (Sweden) AB
Anna Litewka
Tel: +46 8 402 72 11

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