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Gemma Properties Holding AB (publ): Closing completed

25 March 2020

Reference is made to the notices of outcome of the results from the written procedures dated 22 December 2019 and 17 January 2020 and the notice to the holders dated 17 March 2020 regarding the proposed restructuring plan for the Gemma Group’s assets (the “Restructuring”).

Yesterday, 24 March 2020, the mandatory exchange of the Bonds to the Reinstated Ordinary and the Reinstated Premium were carried out and the actions in the Written Procedures that were to be executed in order to effect the mandatory exchange have thus been completed.

Contact details to the Agent:

Beatrice Gustafsson

+46 70 141 10 82

For questions regarding the Restructuring, please contact:

Lisa Grahm Borg, Gemma Properties

0761-66 46 47

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