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Grundingen Fastighets AB – Notification of extension

29 March 2023

Partial amortisation and use of extension option until July 2023 regarding the bonds with ISIN SE0010324194 (SEK), NO0010805112 (NOK), NO0010805138 (USD)
(the “bonds”) issued by Grundingen Fastighets AB (“Grundingen”).

Grundingen issued a bond loan in 2017-2018 to further develop the company’s property portfolio. In the spring of 2022, a written procedure was initiated to extend the term by one year and raise the interest rate to 7%. The bondholders accepted the written procedure, and the bond’s maturity was extended to April 12, 2023, with an extension option of another three months. The extension was made to be able to complete ongoing real estate projects. The company hereby wishes to announce that the three-month option to extend the maturity until July 12, 2023, will be exercised. During April 2023, Grundingen intends to carry out a partial amortisation of SEK 85 million. The following coupon payment will take place on the regular date of April 12. The remainder of the nominal amount plus accrued interest will be paid in July 2023.
Grundingen would like to thank all bond investors for your commitment. The bond has enabled the continued project development, which in turn has meant that you, as bondholders, have been able to share in the profits generated.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
Karl Twetman, CEO and Investor Relations, Grundingen Fastighets AB
+46 (0)707 66 00 22

Grundingen 230327 ENG

Grundingen 230327 SV

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