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Information about Filago Prosjekt Holding 1 AS

30 August 2019

To the bondholders in senior secured bonds with ISIN NO001080497.4 (NOK Bonds) and NO001080498.2 (SEK Bonds) (the “Bonds”) issued by Filago Prosjekt Holding 1 AS (the “Issuer”) on 29 September 2017.

On 23 May 2019, it came to the Trustee´s attention that FKG has served a bankruptcy notice (Nw. konkurssvarsel) to the Parent. The Trustee was further informed that the basis for the bankruptcy notice was a payment default under the FKG Loan and that the entire FKG Loan was in default.

As a result of the bankruptcy notice served by FKG, the Parent was declared bankrupt 29 August 2019. It was also announced that the majority of the shares in the Parent has been sold to a new owner.

For further details and the background relating thereto, please see the full notice which can be downloaded as per below.

For further information, please contact:

Peter Drachmann
Intertrust (Norway) AS
Phone: +47 400 22 444

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