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Information about upcoming Interest Payments for Koggbron AB (publ)

15 October 2018

Information about upcoming Interest payments

Koggbron AB (publ) has previously communicated that is has failed to pay the interest that was due May 31 2018. Koggbron AB (publ) has now through a shareholder contribution from the ultimate owners of the company reinstated the equivalent (in USD and NOK) to approximately 15 million SEK to the blocked accounts. These funds will (after payment of accrued costs of the Trustee in accordance with the Terms and Conditions) be used to partially pay the overdue interest on the Koggbron AB (publ) Senior Secured Callable Fixed Rate Bonds 2017/2019 with ISIN SE0009889173, NO001079127.0 and NO001079128.8. Given the ongoing Event of Default due to the non-payment of Interest and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the Intercreditor Agreement, no interest payment will currently be made on Koggbron AB (publ)’s Second Lien Bonds.  

For each SEK 1,000,000 in Bonds (or equivalent in NOK or USD) you will receive approximately SEK 40,000 (or equivalent in NOK or USD) in Interest payments. The final outcome depends on exchange rates.

The payments will be made as soon as possible through VPS and Euroclear and exact dates will be communicated within short.

The notice which has been sent to the Holders and Nominees can be found here.

Best regards,

Kristofer Nivenius


Intertrust (Sweden) AB as Trustee                                 Koggbron AB (publ) as Issuer

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