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Information notice – Genova Property Group AB (publ)

19 August 2021

Intertrust (Sweden) AB is the Agent for the Holders under the Terms and Conditions.

In our capacity as Agent and upon the Issuer’s request, we hereby notify you that the Terms and Conditions as per 18 August 2021 have been amended and restated in order to be able to classify the Bond as a ‘green’ Bond.

The Issuer and the Agent agreed to amend and restate the Terms and Conditions in accordance with Clause 17.1 (a) of the Terms and Conditions as the amendments are not detrimental to the interest of the Holders. Prior to enter into the amended and restated Terms and Conditions, the Agent received support from larger Holders representing approx. 40 per cent. of the total outstanding nominal amount.

Below follows a summary of the amendments made to the Terms and Conditions:

• The Net proceeds of any Bond Issue shall be applied towards the Issuer’s green finance framework.
• The Bonds shall be admitted to trading on the sustainable bond list of Nasdaq Stockholm.
• The Issuer shall make available a report of the use of proceeds in accordance with the green finance framework to the Agent and on its website in connection with the publication of the annual audited consolidated financial statements.

For further information, please see the Issuer’s press release published on 18 August 2021 on the following link:

The amended and restated Terms and Conditions and the Issuer’s green finance framework is available on the following links:

The Agent:

Intertrust (Sweden) AB
Kristofer Nivenius
Tel: +46 70 688 1910

Genova Property Group – Information Notice – August 18 2021

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