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Information regarding delayed interest payment for bonds issued by CPHI-Holding A/S (SEK ISIN SE0017885882, EUR ISIN SE0017885890)

22 December 2023

The Agent has received information from the Issuer that they will not be able to pay the Interest due 29 December 2023.

Information from the Issuer:

Dear Investor,

We are sorry to announce that we will delay the payment of the interest due the 29.12.2023.

We have now received confirmation from Aria and other shareholders that we will receive the money in our account no later than 29 December. If we see any deviation, we will immediately inform you.

We are currently in dialogue with Euroclear to handle both the defaulted payment due on 30.09.23 as well as the interest due on 29 December.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, we expect to pay all interest including default interest no later than 9 January 2024.

Kind regards,


Peter Scheuer Jensen


Please find the full document here.

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