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Information to bondholders in Hancap AB (publ)

15 May 2020

To holders of the bonds with ISIN SE0012481307, NO0010849193, NO0010849201, NO0010769276, NO0010769284 and NO0010769292 issued by Hancap AB (publ).

The Hancap Group has for many years been suffering from liquidity problems due to poorly performing subsidiaries, mainly Scandinavian GlasSystem AB (SGS). When the subsidiaries have not generated earnings according to plan, the Group has encountered difficulties in paying interest on the bonds. This has put the Group in a challenging situation.

Hancap has summarized its current situation in a notice to its bondholders.

Kindly find attached the full notice to bondholders.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Trustee or Hancap.

Intertrust (Sweden) AB   Hancap AB (publ)

Beatrice Gustafsson Mark Baljeu

Phone: +46 70 141 10 82 Phone: +46 70 626 8655

Email:  Email:

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