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Intertrust CN (Sweden) AB Agent in an up to SEK 400,000,000 bond issued by Strömma Turism & Sjöfart AB (publ)

1 June 2016

Strömma Turims & Sjöfart AB (publ) (“Strömma”) issued on 27 May 2016 a senior unsecured floating rate bond with a nominal amount of up to SEK 400,000,000 on the Swedish market. The bond has a 5-year maturity and a floating rate of STIBOR plus 590 basis points per annum. The bond loan proceeds will be used for a contemplated acquisition of Canal Bike B.V. Strömma will apply for the loan to be listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

Intertrust CN (Sweden) AB has been appointed by Strömma as agent for the bondholders.

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