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Koggbron Projekt AB (publ) – Notice of amortization

22 December 2023

Distribution of proceeds from sale of properties

The project in Karlholm has sold some properties and on 29 December 2023 there will be an amortisation of the senior bond in Koggbron Projekt AB with current ISIN of SE0009696479, NO0010848633 and NO0010848708. The deviations are due currency variations.

  • For the SEK bond 1.59 % of original nominal amount will be paid out
  • For the NOK bond 1.69 % of original nominal amount will be paid out
  • For the USD bond 1.41 % of original nominal amount will be paid out

It has also come to the Trustee’s attention that some unpaid interest claims (ISIN:s) in VPS were not converted into profit sharing interest in the reconstruction during 2019 are still active in VPS. The trustee has now instructed the paying agent to remove these. This relates to the following ISIN:s for both the senior and junior bonds. These will be terminated in VPS: NO0010848641, NO0010838733, NO0010848658, NO0010838741, NO0010848682, NO0010838758, NO0010848724 and NO0010838766.

During Q1 the Issuer will come back with a proposal on how to handle the current maturity in the end of March.

There are several properties left to be sold and you can follow the developments in Karlholm at or on Facebook.

20231222 Koggbron Projekt information from the Trustee_final

Intertrust (Sweden) AB as Trustee                      


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