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Notice of cancelled written procedure for notes issued by Cidron Romanov Limited

19 April 2022

Intertrust (Sweden) AB in its capacity as Agent (the “Agent”) under the terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions“) for the holders of the notes (the “Noteholders“) with SEK ISIN: NO0011134413 and NOK ISIN: NO0011134405– SEK 2,550,000,000 & NOK 2,500,000,000 Senior Secured Floating Rate Notes 2021/2026, issued by Cidron Romanov Limited (the “Issuer“) on 22 October 2021 (the “Notes“). All capitalised terms used herein and not otherwise defined in this notice shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Terms and Conditions.



On 30 March 2022, a notice of written procedure (the “Written Procedure”) was sent to the Noteholders, regarding a request for making certain amendments of the Terms and Conditions of the Notes, extending the deadline for procuring that the Notes are admitted to trading on a Regulated Market. The Notes have been admitted to trading on Oslo Børs (the Oslo Stock Exchange) prior to the Listing Deadline. Cidron Romanov Limited, as Issuer, has therefore resolved to cancel the Written Procedure. Please see full notice below.

Cidron Romanov Limited – Notice of cancelled written procedure (EC)


For further questions, please contact:


The Issuer:

Oscar Karlsson, Brunswick Group


Phone number: +46 709 62 78 42


The Agent:

Linus Löfgren


Phone number: +46 72 991 57 01. 

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