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Notice of Early Partial Redemption – Gefion Group Holdco ApS

21 January 2022

Referring to Gefion Group Holdco bond terms, section 13.4.1, and to Intertrust notice dated 20 April 2020, Gefion Group Holdco ApS (the “Issuer”) hereby announces that the Issuer intends to make additional payments in connection with the forthcoming interest payment 7 February 2022.

In accordance with the bond terms, the company will pay ordinary interest on 7 February 2022.

Referring to the outcome of the written procedure announced 20 April 2020, the Company will repay the deferred interest amounting to 1 (one) year of interest in addition to the ordinary interest payment.

Finally, the company will make a partial redemption amounting to 20 percent of the Bond.

2022.01.21 Intertrust Partial Redemption Gefion Group Holdco ApS

For questions concerning this announcement, please contact:

Gefion Group Holdco ApS
CEO Thomas W. Faerch
Tel. +45 20 20 19 41

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