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Notice of early redemption Hultqvist Alfa AB (publ)

26 February 2020

Reference is made to the terms and conditions for the up to SEK 65,000,000 senior secured fixed rate bonds (the “Bonds“) issued by Hultqvist Alfa AB (publ) on 31 January 2018 in accordance with the terms and conditions for the Bonds (the “Terms and Conditions“).

The issuer hereby gives you notice that, subject to the condition set out below, the Issuer will exercise its call option right in relation to the Bonds in accordance with Clause 11.3 (Voluntary total redemption (call option)) of the Terms and Conditions. On 13 March 2020, the Issuer will redeem all of the outstanding Bonds in full from the Bondholders holding Bonds on the applicable Record Date being 9 March 2020.

The redemption amount for each Bond shall be 100.0 per cent. of the Nominal Amount of each Bond, plus accrued but unpaid Interest.

The redemption of the Bonds pursuant to this Notice is conditioned upon the Issuer completing the contemplated sale of the shares in Fastigheten Buskåker 2:1 AB and Fastigheten Buskåker 1:5 AB no later than 6 March 2020 and the receipt by the Issuer of sale proceeds of at least SEK 10,000,000.

Please see the full notice from the Issuer here, which has been distributed to the Noteholders.

For further information, please contact the Agent.

Intertrust (Sweden) AB
Beatrice Gustafsson
Phone: +46 70 141 10 82

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