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Notice of mandatory total redemption of outstanding notes issued by Mobylife Holding A/S

28 March 2018

To holders of the up to SEK 450,000,000 senior secured notes issued by Mobylife Holding A/S (the “Issuer”) with ISIN SE0005936382 (the “Notes”)  

The Issuer has given notice to the noteholders of a mandatory total redemption in accordance with Clause 9.3 (“Mandatory total redemption option”) of the amended and restated terms and conditions of the Notes.

The date on which the redemption will occur will be 17 April 2018 (the “Early Redemption Date”).

The Notes will be redeemed at an amount equal to the sum of:

   12.00 per cent. of the Nominal Amount,

 representing both principal and accrued but unpaid interest (as well as default interest, if any) (the “Call Option Amount”).

The Call Option Amount per SEK 1,000 of Notes amounts to SEK 120, and will be disbursed to Holders registered as owners of the Notes with Euroclear Sweden AB on the Record Date which will be 10 April 2018.  The last trading date to have a transaction registered on such record date is 6 April 2018.

In conjunction with the early redemption, the Notes will be delisted from the corporate bond list at NASDAQ Stockholm.

Please see Issuers’ press release here.

The agent:


Intertrust (Sweden) AB

Anna Litewka


Tel: +46 8 402 72 11



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