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Notice of outcome in written procedure for Koggbron AB (publ) up to SEK 650,000,000 Senior Secured Callable Fixed Rate Bonds and up to SEK 50,000,000 Second Lien Callable Fixed Rate Bonds

15 August 2018

With respect to the written procedure, for which notice was given on 18 July 2018 and last date to vote was 14 August 2018, the Trustee hereby informs that the quorum requirements stipulated in the Terms and Conditions for the Bonds was not met. Thus, the Request (as defined in the Notice) has neither been accepted nor rejected by the Bondholders. The due interest payment which was intended to be settled in connection with the acceptance of the Request has neither been paid. 

The Issuer intends to revert with a new proposal within the next couple of days, which will contain inter alia a proposal to divest certain assets within the structure as well as the Issuer’s plan to reinstate the due interest payment. The Trustee will procure that the new proposal is sent out to the Bondholders as soon as possible when the terms of the new proposal that has been set by the Issuer.

Please find the notice which has been sent to the direct registered owners and registered authorised nominees of the Bonds here.


The Trustee:


Intertrust (Sweden) AB                                                  

Kristofer Nivenius / Sandra Westman


Tel: +46 70-688 19 10 / +46 70-860 61 25

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