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Notice of outcome of written procedure for notes issued by Mobylife Holding A/S

28 December 2016

On 1 December 2016, Intertrust (Sweden) AB, acting in its capacity as agent for the holders of the notes issued by Mobylife Holding A/S amounting to SEK 450 000 000 with ISIN SE0005936382 (the “Notes”), under the terms and conditions of the Notes, initiated a second written procedure in order to amend the terms and conditions and provide certain consents and waivers in respect of a corporate reorganisation of the group to which the Issuer belongs.

By way of the written procedure the noteholders resolved to amend and restate the terms and conditions as well as provide the requested consent and waivers. The amendments to the terms and conditions will become effective once the conditions set out under “Effectiveness of the Request” in the notice of written procedure are met and the Agent will notify the noteholders once such conditions are met.

Intertrust (Sweden) AB as Agent

For further questions you may contact:

The Agent:

Intertrust (Sweden) AB

Anna Litewka
Tel: +46 8 402 72 11

The Issuer:

Mobylife Holding A/S

Jakob Kraglund, CEO
Tel: +45 2392 3724

Martin Nyberg, CFO
Tel: +45 2929 8200

Catacap Management A/S

Vilhelm Hahn-Petersen, Partner
Tel: +45 2632 6420

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