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Notice of written procedure for senior secured bonds issued by Blåfjell AS

7 October 2019

Intertrust (Norway) AS (the “Trustee”) acting in its capacity as trustee for the bondholders under the terms and conditions for the bonds, has at the request of the Issuer on 7 October 2019 initiated a written procedure by which bondholders can vote for or against the Issuer’s request to waive the next two instalments on the bonds, which fall due on 9 November 2019 and 9 February 2020 in accordance with cl. 12.1.1.

The bondholders are hereby asked to approve or reject the proposal from the Issuer, implying that the bondholders approve that the Issuer will not be able to pay the next two instalments on the bond, which fall due 9 November 2019 and 9 February 2020, meaning that these instalments will be deferred to the principal maturity in November 2020. For a further description of the proposal see the full notice which can be downloaded as per below.

 Blåfjell AS – Notice of Written Procedure

Pursuant to cl. 19.10 of the terms and conditions, a quorum in respect of the written procedure will only exist if  bondholders representing at least fifty (50) per cent of the adjusted nominal amount reply to the Request. Pursuant to clause 19.8 of the terms and conditions, at least sixty-six and two thirds (66 2/3) per cent. of the adjusted nominal amount for which bondholders reply in the written procedure must consent to the Request in order for it to be approved.  

The Agent must have received the votes no later than by 12.00 (CET) on 23 October 2019.


For further information, please contact:

To the Trustee:

Intertrust (Norway) AS, Peter Drachmann, 400 22 444

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