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Notification of Extension – Solnes Invest AS

15 April 2019

Solnes Invest AS reg. nr. 916 982 135 (”the Issuer”) has issued senior secured fixed rate bonds with ISIN NO001079153.6 (NOK Bond) and NO001079154.4 (SEK Bond).

The Final Redemption Date of the Bonds is on the 4 May 2019. The Final Redemption Date can be extended with six (6) months is accordance with section 12.1.2 of the Terms and Conditions.


The Trustee has received a notification of extension from the Issuer which requests that the Final Redemption Date of the Bonds shall be extended with six (6) months. This will make the 4 November 2019 the Final Redemption Date.


If nothing else is mentioned shall the wording that has been used in the Terms and Conditions and the Term Sheet be applicable in this notification.


Intertrust (Norway) AS

For further information, please contact:

Contact: Peter Drachmann

Phone: +47 400 22 444


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