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RURIC AB: Result from Bondholders voting August 03, 2012

7 August 2012

Bondholders vote “No” to Ruric Boards’ proposal on bond conversion
Ruric AB has initiated a voting procedure on the 16th of July, 2012 where the board proposed full conversion of bonds to equity in the company. The proposal would have given Bondholders 60% of equity (see press release dated 16th of July 2012 at for further details).
The voting procedure requested by Ruric AB has been completed. The Bondholder’s agent CorpNordic Sweden AB compiled the result. It was noted that 319 432 082 votes were cast. This corresponds to 56.7% of the nominal amount of the Bond. It was established that a quorum was at hand.
It was also noted that 99.97% of votes participating in the procedure have voted “No”. Hence the Bondholders do not approve the proposal by the company.
For more information please contact Anna Litewka or Martin Gorne.
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