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T.Andréasson Fastighetsaktiebolag (publ) – Information about Event of Default

27 March 2023

Intertrust Sweden AB (“The Agent”) wish to inform you in your capacity as Bondholder in the Senior Secured Fixed Rate Bonds 2020/2023 in T.Andréasson Fastighetsaktiebolag (publ), ISIN: SE0014555298 / SE0014555306 (“The Bonds”). As you are aware the Issuer has not made Interest payments in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Bonds and this constitutes an Event of Default.

The Issuer has since the Event of Default put forward different options in an attempt to find a solution to the current situation, but none of these have been formalized. The Agent will shortly initiate a formal Written Procedure to receive Bondholders instructions on how to proceed with regards to the Bonds and the Event of Default.

If you have any questions regarding your investment, please contact the Agent.

Intertrust (Sweden) AB as Agent

Notice of Event of Default TAFAB 20230327

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